Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy multiple properties when applying for Turkish Citizenship?

Yes. It is possible to buy more than one property as long as the total amount is minimum USD 400,000

Is Turkish Citizenship for life?
Turkish Citizenship is granted for a lifetime. There is no difference between gaining Turkish citizenship through investment and by birth.
Do applicants have to speak Turkish to be eligible for Turkish Citizenship by investment?
There is no language requirement or citizenship test for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.
Do I need to spend time in Turkey for any specific period to be eligible for Turkish citizenship by investment?
It is not obligatory to spend any time in Turkey for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment.
How long does it take from the date of property purchase until the granting of my Turkish Passport?
The passport process takes 45 days to four months once you receive the Title Deed of the purchased property and the application is made to the relevant authorities.
Are properties in Turkey freehold or leasehold?
All properties in Turkey are freehold.
Are my dependents also eligible for Turkish Citizenship once I acquire it via investment?
Spouse and children under 18 years old are also eligible for Turkish Citizenship and they can apply at the same time with the main applicant.
After I acquire Turkish citizenship via investment, can I establish a business or work in Turkey?
Once you become a Turkish Citizen, you are free to work or establish a business in Turkey. Turkish citizenship by investment grants the same rights as Turkish Citizenship by birth.
Are there any projects pre-defined by the Turkish government that investors must buy into to be eligible for Turkish citizenship by investment?
There is no specific projects that are chosen by Turkish Government. Any suitable property can be purchased.
Can the deposit of USD 500,000 be made in another foreign currency?
The deposit must be made in US Dollars. After a must-hold period of three years this amount can be withdrawn in US Dollars.
Is dual citizenship allowed in Turkey? Do I have to renounce my current citizenship after I acquire Turkish citizenship?
Dual citizenship is allowed in Turkey and there is not need to renounce your current citizenship.